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4 Basic Steps of Roof Inspection: Is It Time for Roof Repairs in Melbourne?

Australia is susceptible to extreme climate variations throughout the year, from blazing summer months to frigid winters and stormy monsoon months. As the most exposed portion of a house, the roof is more prone to damage than any other parts. It’s important to have professional roofing contractors in Melbourne check your roof from time to time to make sure it’s in good condition and determine if it’s time for roof repair in Melbourne.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the 4 basic steps of inspecting the condition of a roof, roof restoration professionals do. 

4 Basic Steps of Roof Inspection

1. Take a Walk Around the Roof

During a roof inspection, the roofing contractor will take a cautious walk around the roof’s surface to visibly look for evidence of damage or rusting. Apart from inspecting the roof itself, they will look for any loose granules or other roofing shingles on the ground and in the surrounding areas. It is extremely crucial to check the roof after a storm to look for damage and stop water leaks.

2. Search the House Perimeter for Loose Granules

It is possible for roof tiles to be lifted by strong winds, damaging the underlying material. There is a risk that the tiles will break if they are lifted too much. As a result, the roof tile and sheet granules fall to the ground around the house.

The frequent banging of tree branches on the roof surface is another cause of damaged roof tiles. It is recommended to have any overhead branches cut on a regular basis.

3. Look for Any Water Leaks

While water leaks may appear to be little, they can be highly harmful since they can affect the structural strength of your home. Dripping ceilings indicate that you may need a serious roof restoration in Melbourne. Water leaks can cause the framework to weaken, becoming incapable of supporting weight.

If such leaks are ignored, it might result in massive repair expenses. Roof replacement may be necessary if the damage is severe enough.

4. Determine Water-Damaged Areas

When water pooling or leaks are found, the roofer will begin identifying the water-damaged areas. Several sites where you can easily detect signs of water leaks include:

      • Roof attic
      • Ceiling
      • Interior walls
      • Gutter attachments
      • Roof top

Hire an Expert to Perform a Detailed Inspection Of Your Roof

Smart Choice Roof Restorations offers affordable roof restoration and repair. We have skilled professionals who perform quality services that ensure the sustainability of your roof, including thorough roof inspections. We have experience and expertise in roof repairs in Melbourne. Our professionals have a successful track record in resolving any roof-related issues.

Give us a call today to resolve your roof issues and restore it to its best condition!

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