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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Roof Repairs

A lot of us love doing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects not only because of the fulfilment and satisfaction it brings once it’s done, but also because we think it could save us a lot of money compared to hiring a professional.

However, when it comes to repairing, restoring, or cleaning your roof, you might want to leave it to the experts because of the reasons below.

Professionals Have the Knowledge, Skill, and Experience

Professionals have the skills and experiences to get the task done in an expert manner.

They have dealt with a huge amount of training on understanding roof systems before getting to where they are now. 

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You watching online videos or reading step-by-step tutorials might probably never be a match to their skill level.

Not only do professional roofers know a lot about roof structures, they also know things like weather conditions that can affect your roof and the aesthetic appearance of chosen roof materials. Hiring an expert will most likely lead to expert results.

Insurance Problems

If any damage has been done to your roof because of your DIY-ing, chances are your insurance most probably will not cover them. Thus, you will have to pay for the additional repairs out-of-pocket.

If you choose professional roofers on the other hand, they are less likely to produce extra damages or if they do, they usually won’t charge you to fix those mistakes.

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Costs and Tools

Often, we choose to DIY because we think it will save us money. However, if we make a mistake, it can lead to more costly repairs.

There are also times that we overestimate the amount of materials and tools we need or choose the wrong items thus buying another set of materials again.

Some of the tools needed also are quite expensive to buy or rent. You also might not have any safety and protective equipment for the job readily available at home.

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Since you most likely lack the experience and skills since you are not a professional, doing the roof repair project might take much time. A professional roofer will finish the task faster than you would.

If your roof damage exposes the inside of your home, your interiors are unprotected from a lot of damaging external factors such as rain, wind, and heat.


You will usually receive two warranties when you hire a professional roofer. One is the warranty for the labour done and the other one is from the manufacturer for any product defects.

For DIY projects, the manufacturer might consider the product warranty as void because there are specific instructions in installing these products and particular building codes that you might not have followed correctly.

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Safety Hazards

Performing roof repairs can be dangerous because of risks such as falling off a ladder or from the roof.

You might also get injuries from handling the materials and specialised tools especially if it’s your first time doing roof repairs.

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