6 signs you need new gutters

Day after day, year after year, gutters are bearing the brunt of strong weather conditions and have stayed strong and durable for decades but then everything has an expiry date and so do your gutters.

If you are not certain whether time has come to get your gutters replaced, then look out for these

6 telltale signs of gutter failure.

1) Cracked gutters –

Cracked gutters are similar to a bucket with a hole at the bottom. While
inspecting cracks it’ll be easier to notice larger ones as compared to smaller cracks which
would only come to notice during a storm or heavy rainfall. Even though individual cracks
may be repaired, extensive cracking will surely need a replacement.

2) Seam stress –

Average gutters are most vulnerable at the point where they meet I.e. at the
seams. Leaks and separations are common which if left untreated, can lead to various other undesirable outcomes.

It is advisable to go in for a seamless gutter option so that this entire
hassle can be avoided.

3) Ruined paint –

Gutters which are malfunctioning, can ruin the paint of the house to a large
extent. If you come across an exterior siding of any paint that has bubbled or peeled away, then the gutter might be the reason.

Even if your painted gutters are peeling, then they are most likely to have a leak. In case the feeling paint extends beyond just one or two areas,
then consider getting the gutters replaced.

4) Rotten gutters –

When malfunctioning gutters get clogged due to rain water, then they start
to rot and the result of this is seen on window sills and door jambs, which are unable to keep the harsh weather out.

If your gutters continuously cause such headaches, then it is surely
time to replace them.

5) Mildew madness –

Clogged gutters and downspouts allow moisture accumulation near the
foundation which eventually finds it’s way into the basement causing unsightly, unhealthy and smelly mildew growth.

If you find mold and mildew growth below the ground, then gutter replacement is the most logical thing to do.

6) Maintenance issues –

Are you tired of cleaning your gutters every year? We all know that
gutters require regular cleaning and maintenance but if forgotten or delayed, minor issues could surely lead to major ones.

The best way to avoid ongoing issues is to replace the
gutters and forget about them for sometime.
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