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All about Roof Valleys

What is a Roof Valley?

Roof valley is an architectural term to define the slope where two roofs meet. Technically, they are the V-shaped metal channels formed at the ‘folds’ of a roof.

Roof valleys undergo a fair amount of wear and tear over time and just like gutters, they tend to get clogged too.

Roof valleys can have weaker spots and are prone to damage particularly if you have an old roof.

Old valleys

Roof Valleys are made of different types of materials. Older roof valleys were typically galvanized, coated with a layer of zinc to prevent it from rusting.

With passage of time, small cracks appear in the protective layer and once water gets inside, rust begins to form.

This rust causes structural weakness and allows the problem to spread rapidly.

Small instances of rust can be repaired but if it is spreading continuously, then the valley should more likely be replaced.

New valleys

Roof Valleys are typically made of lead, concrete or fiberglass. Instead of old iron and steel valleys, Aluminium is now gaining popularity.

As technology continues to evolve, we will hopefully see valleys with longer lifespansLeaks in the valley are caused due to rust.

Once the protective coating gets compromised, rust starts forming at localized points.

If you notice any signs of a discoloured or bulging ceiling or the ceiling starts to drip, it is time for you to get in touch with a professional.

An important point to note is that leaks which develop from roof valleys,
tend to develop slowly, rather than suddenly.

Like gutters, valleys can also get clogged because of debris.

If you have trees around your home, then it is advisable to regularly check to see whether the valleys are clear.

The water that clogs inside the valley adds weight and can flow into the roof easily if it finds a gap.

Such blockages need to be treated immediately to prevent future damage.


Valleys can be replaced by simply resetting the tiles and replacing the cement but if there are severe problems with the whole valley, then a full replacement is advisable.

Full replacement


A full valley replacement is a huge job as it involves removal of tiles which can be replaced with new cement.

A valley replacement job can be done within half a day but it also depends on the size of the section.

Roof Valleys can last upto 20 years but it depends on the materials used, the quality of the installation location of the house, weather and so on.

If you are facing any problem with your roof valley, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Smart Choice Roof Restorations team and we will visit
you and inspect your roof and the valley as well.

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