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Choosing a Roof Design for Your Home

The way that a roof is designed can impact not only the architectural aesthetics but also the function of the roof for your home. The roof has a huge contribution to the overall look of your house and at the same time protects your home and family from different environmental factors. Thus, choosing the right roof is considered an important decision when building a new house or replacing an existing one. 

There are plenty of modern roof styles to choose from. The following are the common ones with pros and cons of each.

1. Gable Roof

This is probably one of the most simplistic and common among the roof designs. It is a popular design for houses with more than one floor. The gable roof design makes an inverted or upside down V shape. It is a popular choice among architects because they can adjust the slant angle or pitch of the gables, allowing flexibility to incorporate it in a variety of architectural styles. Aside from the roof of the house, gables can also be used to design other exterior parts like dormers and garages. Pros: 
    • Water, snow, and debris can easily fall off
    • More ventilation provided for the attic
    • Simple to design and build thus cheaper labour costs
    • Can be covered with almost all types of roofing material 
    • Not ideal for areas that encounter high winds and extreme heat
    • Needs very sturdy frames for adequate support or else the roof can collapse

2. Flat Roof

You’ve probably noticed that commercial or industrial buildings tend to go for a flat roof design. But, they can also be used on residential houses, giving them a modern look. Flat roofs usually have little to no pitch at all.  


    • Minimalistic and modern design
    • Heating and cooling systems can be placed on the roof without causing problems due to the flat surface


    • Does not shed rain and snow easily unlike a sloped roof
    • Prone to water damage since water has no way of escaping due to little or no pitch
Choosing a Roof Design for Your Home second | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

3. Hip Roof

Hip roof has been the roof style of choice for bungalows and cottages. The hip is the joint where two adjacent slopes on a roof meet. It has four sloping sides. Some roofs have several hips.  Pros: 
    • A very strong design for a roof that can withstand high wind and snow prone areas
    • Allows more ventilation 
    • Compatible with several roofing materials
    • Can be combined with the gable style for more design variety
    • More expensive because of its complexity
    • Having seams can make it easier for water to get in and if not properly installed, can cause leaks

4. Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs have no gables and the roof is made up of four slopes, two on each side of a home. The design is of French Renaissance architecture and occasionally used on buildings with a couple of floors, restaurants, and French Manor or Country style homes.


    • Design allows houses on small lots to have a full attic at the top portion of the home 
    • Flexible design that allows room for design additions in the future


    • Design includes a low-pitch portion thus not ideal for areas with snowfall
    • Difficult to construct thus cost more

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