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Smart Choice Roof Restorations provides the best high-pressure roof cleaning services in Melbourne!

We all know how important that roof over our head is. From the curb, a bright and attractive roof on a house catches the eyes of many passersby. Even though maintenance of the roof may be right at the bottom of your house maintenance list, easy and affordable high-pressure cleaning services from Smart Choice Roof Restorations will add years to your roof life and save you a bucket load of expenses.

Roof cleaning

The roof of our homes is subjected to a whole load of natural factors – rain, heat, winds and cold. The dampness of the roof provides the ideal living conditions for a bunch of organisms like algae, mould, lichens, etc. These organisms thrive on the roof and between the tiles.

They not only create visually unappealing patches on the roof, but they also feed on the materials that bind the roof together. This weakens the roof structure paving way for leaks or even collapse. 

A dirty roof does not reflect the sun’s rays efficiently. This can considerably increase your energy bills.

Timely roof cleaning carried out by experts from Smart Choice Roof Restorations will eliminate these problems to keep your rooftop safe and attractive.

Roof high-pressure cleaning @ Smart Choice Roof Restorations:

High-pressure roof cleaning method uses a machine that sprays water at high pressure. The roofing expert climbs the roof with the cleaning machine, he then harnesses himself for safety, powers on the machine and starts spraying by targeting the moulds and stains. The water jet makes sure that no stains remain on your roof. Our well-trained experts take utmost care while spraying in the correct direction, thereby ensuring that no water gets under the tiles.

Signs that your roof needs cleaning:

1. Black streaks – Also known as zebra stripes, which form on your roof. These can be visible even from the curb.

2. Dark patches –  These are caused by moulds and make your house look like an abandoned building. Also, these moulds will eat away at the tiles and leave your roof weak.

3. Moss growth – The damp and warm tiles of our roof provide the perfect temperature and growth condition for moss. These are easily visible as they tend to hang over the edges of the roof. A regular high-pressure roof cleaning routine will ensure there is no moss or mould growth.

4. Leaves and dust blown on the roof can harden over time and become stubborn debris that can be removed only with a high-pressure water jet.

5. Blocked gutters –  Blocked and overflowing rain gutters are a sign there is quite a lot of debris on the roof. This needs to be cleaned before the problem escalates.

Advantages of roof cleaning:

1. A roof that is dirty and unmaintained greatly reduces the value of the house. 

2. Let’s say, you’ve been invited to a friend’s place. You reach the given address and right from the curb, your eyes fall on the hideous discoloured roof with an overgrowth of moss. The sight is an instant turn-off. No proud homeowner would want that happening to them. The easy and affordable solution is to schedule timely roof cleaning done by experts.

3. High-pressure roof cleaning services not only ensure that your roof stays clean and attractive, but they also add up to 10 years of roof life and save you from the massive expense of changing the entire roof.

4. A clean roof ensures proper rainwater run-off and protection from the summer heat.

FAQs on roof cleaning:

1. Q – How often should I get my roof cleaned?

A – Experts recommend to get your rooftop cleaned by roofing experts at least once a year to avoid excessive damage from algae, moss and debris.

2. Q – Should I clean the roof myself?

A – Though it is important to get your roof cleaned regularly, your safety is a top priority and you should not risk climbing your roof to clean. Trust the job to the pros that carry out the cleaning efficiently and with the necessary precautions. 

Reasons to choose Smart Choice Roof Restorations for the best high-pressure roof cleaning service in Melbourne:

1. Our passionate roofing experts understand how much you value your rooftops and we take immense pride in providing the best roof cleaning service with the proper know-how.

2. Our cleaning services add up to 10 years of life to your rooftops and leave them looking as good as new.

3. We offer affordable customised roof services according to your budget.

4. We have over 10 years of experience in the business. Our experts know exactly how unforgiving the Melbourne weather is on our rooftops.

5. We clean your roof and take it from “nay” to “yay” while you relax in the comfort of your home.


The rooftops of our homes have to face the harsh elements of nature every day. These cause the growth of algae, moss, moulds and lichens. These not only leave ugly stains on the roof but also eat away at the tiles and make your roof weak. The easy solution to this problem is to schedule a regular high-pressure roof cleaning by the experts from Smart Choice Roof Restorations.

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