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Great Roof Options for Australian Homes

Just like any other country in the world, Australia has its own problems due to climate change. Necessary adjustments in their daily lives are made to cope with the negative effects of climate change. One of the changes they make is about the way they construct their properties. They choose to use more durable construction materials to withstand harsh weather conditions and save money from doing frequent roof repairs in Melbourne.

As an example, roofing in Melbourne is made with quality roofing materials. Australian choose modern roofs that are more durable and at the same time more stylish. While other property owners who wish to renovate or replace their traditional roofs, hire the best roofing contractor in Melbourne like Smart Choice Roof Restorations. Restoration of roofing is a great idea because it can protect your house from changing climate and its effect.  

To achieve Melbourne’s quality roofing, read this blog and learn about the great roof options you can choose for your home construction or modern roof revamp project. 

Metal Roofing

This kind of roof is made out of steel sheets coated with zinc, alloy or painted with Colorbond coating. Metal roofing in Melbourne comes in different styles, shapes and design. They are mostly nailed or screwed on wooden or steel planks. If installed correctly, it can last for decades and provide great protection for your property. It is also eco-friendly because old steel roofing can be recycled over and over again. Roof restoration cost for this kind of roof is relatively cheap and installation is done faster. 

Solar Roof Tiles

If you want to go green in building your home, then going for a solar roof tile is the best option. Melbourne roofing is now more diverse and offers specialized functions. As an example, a solar powered roof is beginning to be a trend in the country. It is durable and can last for 2 to 3 decades. Most importantly it can help you save electricity. Solar roof tiles are often considered in different roof tile restoration in Melbourne. You can choose to replace some part of your old roof tiles with these electricity-producing tiles. Their designs blend well with other kinds of roof tiles. This kind of roofing might be more expensive but the benefits it brings is definitely worth it.

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Asphalt Roof Tiles

Asphalt roof tiles are made out of a base mat layered with waterproof asphalt and a layer of ceramic granules. It provides great protection from different weather conditions and is a good insulator of heat. It helps in lowering your expenses with your air-conditioning system. Just like metal sheets, asphalt tiles are lightweight so they don’t require strong support during installation. This can be a great option for roof restoration in the Central Coast area

Concrete and Terracotta Roof Tiles

These kinds of tiled roofing are the top choice of most Australian property owners. Both are known for its durability and ability to endure extreme weather conditions. Aside from the good protection it provides for your homes, it is also popular in adding elegance and class to your property. They come in different colours and designs. Tiled roof restoration can be expensive if it is done in a larger scope but replacing few loose tiles is cheaper. Dulux roof restoration is also a cheaper way to restore the functionality of your roof tiles. For a long-lasting roof, concrete and clay tiles are one of the best options. 

The Roof and Roofing Expert in Melbourne

Do you need leaking roof repairs in Melbourne or planning a tile roof restoration? Smart Choice Roof Restorations can do a great job for your roof. Opening our roof specialists’ portfolio, you can see the expertise of our workmanship on different kinds of roof. You can be stress free knowing that your homes receive extra protection from the best roofer in town. Contact Smart Choice Roof Restorations now to know more about our great roofing services.

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