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How Can Roof Restoration Boost Your Property’s Value? – A Note From SmartChoice Roof Restorations, Box Hills

Well, speaking from the perspective of real estate, first impressions are everything.

How the house looks, its designs – can instantly subtract or add to its value. Quite a sensitive right?

It doesn’t really matter how appealing and beautiful your property/house looks from inside and believe you! – but the potential buyer would not.

If its external looks show wear and tear – the buyers would move on.

And that too, with not a good memory further inflicting your chances on a negative scale.

Your roof is the largest and the biggest obvious exterior feature – hence, its importance definitely comes into play.

It needs to be free from all sorts of damage and any signs of deterioration and thus, you should never refrain from calling companies for roof restoration in Melbourne.

You can opt for different services in roof restoration that can give your roof a seamless look equally as beautiful as the inside decorations of your house.

And if the buyer feels that the roof of your house needs work, he’ll probably be calculating and adding those charges with the offer, hence, another reason to invest in the services of roof repairs in Melbourne.

  • Assessing Roof Restoration Conditions –

Rust, mold, lichen, and broken tiles, cracked pointing and leaks are some of the key elements to be looked into while getting a roof restoration done.

Fixing these problems may not be as expensive as you think and even better – combined with the roof painting and cleaning, it can really transform your property and add some real value.

This all will increase the warranty period of your roof. Extensive repairing and restoration works are something we’ve held command over – hence feel free to check out our services at Smart Choice Roof Restorations –

  • Restructuring the roof tiles and replacing the broken tiles with the new ones.
  • Increasing roof life expectancy by getting a professional pressure cleaning in Melbourne and also getting rid of molds and lichens.
  • Resetting the bed – removing and replacing the old mortar from ridge gaps.
  • Roof painting.
  • Replacement of old rusted valleys by a trusted company doing valley replacement in Melbourne.
  • Roof repointing in Melbourne that is – putting in a flexible and suitable pointing (rubberized compound) to refill the ridge gaps, setting in a stronger anchor.

Time and Money

The size of the roof and the amount of work required to put in – are the two most considerable factors while estimating the price/cost of roof restoration/repairment services.

At SmartChoice roof restoration, Box Hills we believe that every roof is different and choose to offer deep insights while consulting our clients on what service to choose.

Every different roof demands a different assessment and work quotient.

The average roof restoration project or roof repairment process can take up to three days or even more- depending on the size, scope of repair, and of course the weather.

Looking to sell your home? Want to discuss roof repairment or a full-time roof restoration, feel free to contact us!

Not just our services that we take immense pride in, we also provide quality workmanship and fair and competitive prices.

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