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Tips for pressure cleaning

There is a misconception that pressure cleaning your roof is not a good idea because it is not a safe
thing to do and can cause damage to the roof tiles. Though, this might be true to some extent but
pressure cleaning your roof can surely add more years to it and also give it a clean and healthier

Along with this, pressure cleaning your roof will allow smooth repairing or repainting to make
your home’s roof look absolutely fresh. If you are planning to get your roof pressure cleaned, then
you need to keep a lot of tips and tricks in mind and the best way would be to hand over the job to
an experienced pressure cleaning expert.

Points to keep in mind while pressure cleaning-

1) Do not use pressure water at the maximum setting – Using highest pressure might clean
the dirt easily and quickly but it could also cause tile breakage. Thus, it is advisable to not
use pressure at the maximum level as it wouldn’t cause any harm to the tiles and would end
up cleaning all the moss and algae.
2) Ensure careful usage of the washer – Pressure washing of the roof needs to be done very
carefully so that water does not flow under the tiles. Make sure to use such an angle which
allows water to go downwards towards the edge of the roof because this way it would not
cause any leakage on the roof surface.
3) Be careful while walking – Pressure cleaning the roof would require walking on it, so you
would need to be cautious to not step on the tiles and step only on the support beams or
rafters so as to avoid breaking the tiles and also ensure that the person cleaning the roof,
steps on the them lightly.
4) Choose the right tool – Your roofing contractor should use the right washer to pressure
clean your roof. They should use chlorine or just water mixed with some chemicals. The
most important thing to keep in mind is that the washer should be of a good brand and
shouldn’t cause any damage to the roof.
5) Know the machine’s limit – You need to know the limit upto which you can use the machine
because if you exert too much pressure on it, it might affect the tiles adversely.


Pressure Cleaning

Here is some additional information that every homeowner should know about pressure cleaning
the roof :-
– Pressure cleaning is not a DIY job but takes skill and know how.
– Older roofs are best cleaned with a soft wash system.
– Moss and algae are just not unsightly but cause severe damage to tiles.
– Debris does not need to be visible from the ground to be severe enough to damage
your roof.
– Roof power washing is not an overpriced service, but a valuable investment in the
condition of your home.

A roof of any age can be covered with soot, grit and grime which might damage it. Algae and mold
are other contaminants that work against the appearance and durability of the roof. Regular power
washing of the roof, no matter it’s age will help preserve it’s condition and appearance.

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