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Is It Ok to DIY Metal Roof Installation?

The worldwide medical crisis has indeed affected everyone even up to this moment here. Thus for people looking for metal roofing here in Melbourne, they normally would have second thoughts in getting professional services. But is it really worth it to DIY metal roof installation?

In this post, Smart Choice Roof Restorations, a professional roofing contractor in Melbourne, discusses why it is important to hire professional roofing services for your metal roofing installation.

  • DIY Can Lead To More Costs

Installing metal roofs can be complex. Aside from the roof itself, there are other components like underlayments, rake edge, hip caps,  sealants and a lot more. DIY the metal roof installation can miss these important components that will lead to more cost eventually.

If a metal roof is also not properly installed, the life span may drastically reduce as well.

  • Wrong Choice Is More Likely To Happen

Metal roofs can mean aluminum, zinc or copper. If you are not experienced in this field, you may end up choosing a metal roof that is not suited for your home or the environment that you are in.

Different metal roofs also have different fastening materials. If you end up using the wrong fastener for your roof, you may end up wasting more money.

  • It Is Dangerous

While it may look as straightforward as it sounds, installing metal roofs is not an easy task. If you don’t have proper equipment for such a project, the person installing the roof can be in danger.

  • It Is Difficult

Installing metal roofs requires special skills. Aside from having expertise, it also requires special tools depending on the materials being used.

Installing a metal roof is not like any homemaker project that can be done through DIY.

  • Aesthetics

Only those experienced in restoration of roofing  can have the eye in creating a seamless masterpiece for metal roofs. When doing DIY, owners may just choose any material to save time and money. This can greatly affect the property’s curb appeal.

  • Use Of Low Quality Materials

The main reason why people do DIY is to reduce cost. So it is not unusual if people will use low quality material to stretch their budget. 

But this should not be the case. This can be dangerous for metal roof installations as discussed in a previous bullet.


DIY is a good means to try different skills for yourself. It can save you money. Additional bonus will be to learn a new skill.

However, this is not really applicable for an activity that requires expertise and skill like installing metal roofs. If you are in Melbourne and are looking at installing a metal roof for your property, let Smart Choice Roof Restorations handle it for you. We are a leading roofing contractor in Melbourne and offer services like roof valley replacement, leaking roof repairs among others.

Contact us now here at Smart Choice Roof Restoration. We’ll be more than glad to help you with your goal in achieving good-looking modern roofs.

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