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Repoint or Rebed? Find the Best Option for Your Roof Repair with Smart Choice Roof Restorations in Melbourne

Oftentimes, property owners give time to check their roofs when it already causes problems inside. Leaking water and visible signs of water damage on the ceiling are the most common side effects of a damaged roof. Smart Choice Roof Restorations, a trusted company for roof restoration in Melbourne, suggests hiring a roof specialist to do regular checks on your roofs. Professionals will then be able to assess the needed roof repairs and maintenance work.

Reading this blog can help you understand the possible roof repairs you may encounter with the help of a professional company for roof repairs in Melbourne.

Difference of Roof Rebedding and Repointing

To avoid further roof damage, let a professional roofer evaluate and repair your roofs. After further assessment they may advise you to get a roof rebedding or repointing services. What’s the difference between the two?

Roof tiles need to be laid out in a straight and proper manner depending on the shape of your roof. The bedding holds the roof tiles in place with a special mix of mortar and cement. Over the time, these beddings become brittle or show cracks due to extreme weather conditions. When this happens, you may experience loose or damaged tiles.

In order to put it back again, you need to first clean the point of rebedding work. Make sure to remove all grime and debris in order for the mortar mixture to adhere properly. Then the roofing specialist can lay the roof tiles back to its place.

The top most part of your roof wherein two edges of roof tiles meet is known as the roof point covered by a roof ridge tile. After laying your ridge tile with a mortar mixture, you need to seal it properly on its edges using a mortar or flexible compound. You call this process as repointing.

At present, more roofing specialists favor using this flexible compound in repointing a roof. This material protects the edges of the ridge tiles from water and extreme heat. At the same time, its smooth finish gives a neat looking roof edge.

When to Call for a Roof Rebedding or Repointing Services?

While doing a thorough roof evaluation, answering the following questions can help you assess your roof situation and find the best roofing services needed:

    • Does the ridge capping have holes or cracks?
    • Is there a loose or broken ridge tile?
    • Does the ridge capping misaligned or shifted to a crooked line?
    • Do you notice missing roof tiles or ridge capping?
    • Do you experience leaking water inside the house through your ceiling?
    • Are there signs of excessive moisture?
    • Is there roof tile debris in the gutter?

What Are the Advantages of Repointing or Rebedding Your Roof?

Having a professional roofer do a rebedding or repointing job on your roof can protect it from mold growth and avoid water damage.

We know that excessive moisture on the roof can cause damage to wood beams and ceiling. This can start a bigger structural house repair if neglected.

Unattended broken roof point and bedding can cause flooding inside your property. Water can pass through the holes and cracks on your ridge capping and go down to the ceiling. Too much water on the ceiling can lead to leaking or sudden flush of water inside your house.

When the cement mortar of your roof bedding crumbles, it causes roof tiles to loosen its grip. These loose tiles can be a safety hazard for the people in the property.

Save yourself from bigger problems by addressing your roof problems promptly. Contact a trusted roof restoration company and ease all your worries away.

Choose Smart Choice Roof Restorations for Roof Repointing or Rebedding

If you want to get a quality yet affordable roof restoration and repair services in Melbourne, contact Smart Choice Roof Restorations. We are committed to making your roof back as your property’s crowning glory!

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