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Roof Inspection: When Should It Be Done? | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

The roof over your head does not only provide you shelter from the rain, sun, wind, and snow but also protects the rest of your house. Those are definitely important functions thus it is vital that your roof is well-maintained. Roof inspection should always be part of a homeowner’s to-do list of home maintenance to ensure that the roof’s integrity is intact and functioning properly.

What Is Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection thoroughly examines the components of your roof. It assesses the current performance of your roof and if anything needs to be corrected. 

Roof inspections are also important when buying or selling a house because the quality and expected lifespan of a particular roof can be determined.

What Should Be Checked During a Roof Inspection?

During a roof inspection, the following are the major areas that should be inspected:

Soffits, Fascia, and Drip Edges

From the ground, look at the condition of the soffit material covering the roof overhang. Then using a ladder, get a closer look to see if any water has reached behind the fascias and drip edges.

Gutters and Downspouts

Check the gutters for any standing water, leaves, dirt, and other debris. Make sure that the downspouts are firmly attached and functioning.

Roofing Material

Closely examine the roofing material by being on the roof itself. Check for any damaged tiles or shingles or if there is any growth of moss or algae.

Roof Installations

Vent pipes, roof vents, media installations, skylight windows, or any other roof installations create holes in your roof. These holes are then covered by various sealants to keep water from entering the holes. Inspect the condition of these seals and see whether they are still effective.


Check if the flashing is intact and performing its function. The flashing is composed of strips of metal, plastic, or other material whose purpose is to divert water away from the joint created where a wall extends through the roof.


If your home has an attic, inspect the roof from below for any stains or water damage. Doing this can tell you exactly which area of the roof a problem has occurred. It can also be a good way to double check if ever you’ve missed any damages when you were on the roof.

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When Should Roof Inspection Be Done?

Usually, roof inspections are done in the following circumstances:

1. After a storm or extreme weather condition. A professional roof inspection will be required by your insurance company if a storm damage claim is made. 

2. Periodically. Different roofing materials have different lifespans but it would be a good idea to perform roof inspection twice a year. Also, it would be best to perform a roof inspection in the spring or early summer to ensure that it is prepared to be exposed to winter storms, snow, or hail.

3. Before buying a house. Check the roof too when buying a home so you know the condition of the roof and are prepared if you are to shoulder any costs for roof restoration or replacement.

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