roof restoration cost

Roof Restoration Cost

We all want to live a safe and secure life without any physical or mental changes. We also want to know about Roof Restoration Cost too.

For that, we build ourselves a house to give yourself a sense of safety and most importantly a sense of relief. The most important part of a well-built house is the rooftop.

Roofs are used for the protection and integrity of homes. Damaged rooftops can cause some serious outcomes. 

What can you do to avoid such a situation? 

The answer is re-roofing or replacement of the entire rooftop and the second option is roof restoration. 

Now a question comes in your mind is which one to choose Restoration or Replacement?

We at Smart Choice Roof Restoration as our name suggests provide you with the best Roof Restoration services, and will gladly explain the benefits of choosing roof restoration.

Roof Restoration

In simple words, a roof restoration can be defined as a way to restore a roof. But in a complex definition roof restoration can be defined as the process of replacing new tiles from the old existing ones.

The roof becomes weak over the time period as a result of being exposed to the natural elements such as rain, sun rays, snow, storms, etc.

All the need to restore goes unnoticed as we hardly pay any attention towards the roof until some extreme steps like discolour, broken tiles or leakage in tiles can be viewed as a potential indication for restoring the roof.

Regular restoration of a roof with a strong structure can protect your roof from falling apart and thus extending the life of the roof.


Here are some pros and cons of Roof Restoration 


  • Less expensive

One of the best things is that roof restoration will cost you much less than an entire roof replacement. This is probably a better choice for small businesses who have a more limited budget and cannot afford to have an entire roof replaced every once in a-while after the damage or leaks. 

  • Quicker

Roof restoration also saves your time as compared to roof replacement. The process of restoration will be much faster depending on the amount of damage of the roof rather than removing the roof and replacing it entirely, so you won’t have to be out of commission for long if at all.

  • Extending roof life

If the roof is in a good condition and is then restored, this will help extend the life of the roof for a little more period of time. Restoring a roof that is already in a good condition and does not have much damage will mean that you will not have to worry about your roof replacement for at least the next 10 to 15 years.


  • Not in every situation

Roof Restoration might not be a valid option if the roof has sustained too much damage. In such cases of severe damage roof restoration may only cover up issues rather than fix them and as a result, you may end up spending even more money than before on the future repairs.

Be certain that you carefully inspect and assess your roof and also whether it’s too far gone to be repaired again

  • Underlying causes damage

At first glance not all causes will be evident to you, your roof might also have a structural issue that could be affecting the visible surface along with it.

In such a case restoration on your roof will function as a band-aid on a shark bite, which means it will be useless, whereas roof replacement will surely resolve the issue itself.


What does it involve?

Depending on the type of roof you have, the steps involved in roof restoration can vary. Restoration requires specialist and expertized skills of a roofing professional to complete to a high standard.

We at Smart Choice Roof Restoration have a team of expertized professionals to provide you with the best and satisfying services.

Metal roof restoration

This typically involves your metal sheet roofing replaced by sealing leaks. These leaks in the metal sheet roofs often develop at the seams or the point where the roofing joins the flashing or guttering.

A patch is made, to seal a leak, which matches the original roof’s colour and material. The patch is then fixed on top of the leak with metal screws in order to prevent further leakage.

Roof tile restoration

Roof tiles may get damaged or crack by severe weather conditions or by falling tree branches.

This process involves realigning and replacing every roof tile. By replacing the faulty roof tiles, you can avoid serious structural damage that can happen to your home and you can also save on the costly repairs that are to be made in the future. 

How much does a roof restoration cost?

Based on estimates, a full roof restoration for an average-sized house would cost around $2,500 as a starting price.

We at Smart Choice Roof Restoration typically charge you by the square metre, and in some cases, the price per square metre decreases for larger areas.

For instance, the restoration for a smaller roof may cost $28 to $38 per square metre, a medium-sized roof might cost about $22 to $28 per square metre, whereas a larger roof generally costs between $17 to $22 per square metre.

When determining the cost, the height of the roof is also taken into consideration and is an important aspect, as our workers will need a safety rail in order to work on roofs which are above a certain height.

There are also other factors which impact the price:

  • The current condition of the roof

The condition of your ridge cap, the number of tiles that are broken and need to be replaced and if there are any additional repairs needed for your flashing, sarking, etc. affect how much your roof restoration will cost.

In addition to these, peeling paint also raises the cost of your roof restoration.

  • Product

Not all products are created equal, and you will get what you have paid for in the product department. Although for once cheaper products will lower your quote price for your roof restoration they would cost you more in the long run, when you will have the need to remove the peeling paint in a couple of years.

  • Broken tiles

A quality roof restoration will last for more than 10 years when done properly. You pay us $3 – $7 for every broken tile that needs to be replaced.

So, the number of broken tiles that are to be replaced also affect the cost of your roof restoration.

  • Rebedding

In a roof restoration generally, only, the ridges need to be rebedded wherever required. A lot more of time and labour are required if the roof needs a full rebed for all the ridges

  • Size of the roof

An average-sized roof area is around 200 m2 – 300 m2. You must keep in mind that your roof size will always be bigger than your house due to the overhang and the pitch. 

Some other factors:

  • The steepness of the pitch of the roof
  • The number of repairs which are required
  • Coating types required
  • The roof accessibility

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