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Roof restoration in Melbourne

Roof Restoration –

The roof of your home is responsible for protecting you and your loved ones
from wind, rain, snow and heat. So, keeping your roof well maintained is of utmost importance. A
roof restoration job goes beyond just getting your roof repaired, infact a roof restoration project
upgrades and renovates it completely. Where roof replacement could come across as an expensive
option, restoration is a cost effective and environmentally friendly option.
Your roof restoration contractor will begin with a thorough roof inspection followed by a cleaning
procedure. Once this is done, they would move on to the real restoration work which would include
ridge capping and applying protective coating that keeps your roof clean and tidy.

Advantages of roof restoration –

Getting your roof restored is a great way to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, value and safety.
Roof restoration will help in preventing future damage and leaks because if it is poorly maintained it
will begin to suffer at the hands of harsh weather conditions.


Once the roof gets damaged, it is most
likely to start leaking. A roof restoration project would involve removal and replacement of any
broken or loose tiles. Ridge caps would be rebedded and the roof would be protected with a
protective sealant which would help to protect it from any damage for years to come.

A roof restoration job is also known to improve a home’s energy efficiency. If your roof is in bad
condition and is not sealed properly, then it would be allowing a lot of air in and out which means
that you would need to crank up the heat or your air cooling system to compensate all the heat you
are losing. Roof restoration would help by stopping air from escaping and this in the long run would
save you money on electricity bills. Alongside, you would also be working towards saving the

The process is known to add years to the life of your roof which means that you can
stop worrying about any damage or leaks for years and also stop getting stressed over your home’s
safety. Terracotta tile roof restorations increase the longevity of your roof as this material lasts for
Potential buyers are often put off by a roof which is ill maintained and looks weary.

So, if you wish to
increase your home’s value and curb appeal, then it is best to get your roof restored as then you’ll
be able to list your home at a much higher price.

How long will a roof restoration last?

Not only does the longevity of a new roof matter but a lot of factors contribute to the fact that how
long would a roof restoration last.

If you are looking for a quick reply, then a roof restoration which
is done professionally should add atleast a good 10 to 15 years to your roofs life. A new roof which is
well maintained should last for around 25 years but if it starts showing signs of breakage of tiles,
sagging, mold or any kind of corrosion, then you should consider getting your roof restored after 15
years, so that the procedure is able to add another 10-15 years to your existing roof.

Different types of roofs require different procedures and materials, so the best bet would be to hire
a professional roofing company to restore your roof. At Smart Choice Roof Restorations, we
understand how the weather takes its toll on roofs around Melbourne and have been offering our
services for a good roof restoration which will reinforce the safety of your home and will leave your
roof looking as good as new.

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