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Roof Valley – a complete guide

What are roof valleys?

Roof valleys are troughs formed where two roofs meet.

They are beneficial to collect water and directed from the roof into the gutter.

Roof valley can last up to 20 years but certain external factors can cut the life span short.

Roof valleys are likely to leak immaterial of the country you are living in.

Roof leak problems are the most common types of problems homeowners face and are forced to often restore or replace their roof.

Roof leaks start off as minor issues but overtime can aggravate, if
left unattended.

Why do roof valleys leak?

Wet leaves have a habit of sticking to the roof valleys causing corrosion and the formation of rust bubbles.

These tend to quickly escalate into holes on the valley, thus destroying the other parts of the roof too.

Leaves can often collect in these roof valleys and this leads to ice formation in winters.

Water tends to expand when it’s freezing which moves the tiles and causes the roof to leak.

Sometimes roofers overlap tiles while forming valleys and this can cause water to leak.

Roof maintenance –

Roof valley leakages can be avoided by getting your roof inspected by a professional because if they spot any signs that may cause roof leaks.

Then timely intervention can save you a lot of time and money.

Along with this, the best form of prevention is to get your roof cleaned regularly.

Cleaning off gutters is recommended twice a year and cutting off any tree branches hanging on your roof will also help to a great extent.

Repairing roof valleys –

To get your roof valleys repaired, it is advisable to hire a professional who will start by clearing away the debris from the roof.

Roof valleys can be repaired by patching all holes or by inserting a metal
sheet. This would entirely depend upon the severity of the damage.

All homeowners should understand that roof valleys are an important part of your house and if they are not maintained properly.

This can lead to leakages or deterioration that might cost more money.

To avoid roof valley leaks, it’s important that valleys are regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained.

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