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Signs It’s Time for Roof Restoration

At what time a Roof Restoration process is needed?

Timely roof restoration response to old and worn off saves money and prevents damage to property
Expert Roof Restoration Services Melbourne and Roof Repointing Melbourne Roofed Just For You!

Why are roof restoration services absolutely important?

A house roof withstands (at times sudden) ever-changing weather conditions, fungal and bacterial attacks, and prevents debris of any sort from entering your living space.
These factors make the roof vulnerable to damage, wearing, and loss of properties. While a complete roof renovation looks like a viable option, the roof renovation costs may touch skies and are worth it only if there’s no way a roof repair procedure can repair the roof’s condition.
Roof restoration, on the other hand, is affordable and provides adequate roof restoration fixes that are lasting.

This is when you should consider roof restoration services in Melbourne!

The process of cleaning, repairing, and re-coating old roofs to extend the lifespan and improve aesthetic appeal is known as roof restoration. The roof restoration process is beneficial for all types of rooftops.

Signs To Look For: When Roof Restoration Services in Melbourne Are Needed!

The self-inspection helps in understanding your roof’s condition on a routine basis. Having your roof self inspected once every 6 months helps in gauging how the roof is withstanding the outside conditions.
It all starts from the insides
While you are in the attic or on the topmost floor, actively look for:

  • Dark spots – indicative of damage caused by water
  • Trails – indicative of leaks
  • Sign of gaps, cracks and spaces that allow light to pass through them
  • Precipitation of roof material on floor
  • Foul and undetectable smell

Outsider alert!
Roofs are the most exposed on the outside. It’s attacked throughout the year from weather conditions, bacterial and fungal growth, debris, dirt, and dust.
 By carefully inspecting the roof from the outside, problem areas can be determined superficially.
Look for:

  • Presence of worn out or loose material around the vents, pipes and other areas where the roof has been penetrated and sealed
  • Check the roof valleys for signs of wear
  • Presence of moulds or moisture triggered fungal growth
  • Look for curled or worn shingles
  • Inspect your gutters and downpipes for wear or damage

Roof Age Is More Than A Number!
Everything including the roof, ages. A sturdy and well-built roof tends to last anywhere between 20 to 25 years.
As the years’ pass, the roof will slowly start losing its roof bedding properties, roof repointing properties and may become saggy or creak. This is the perfect time to call for roof repairs in Melbourne.

Problem caused-

An aging roof might also crack creating gaps and spaces for water, moisture, bacteria, and fungi to creep into your living space.
Such roof sickness absolutely calls for roof repairs and roof restoration. It is also best to start the repair by calling experts to do pressure cleaning in Melbourne.
If your roof is any older than 10-15 years old and has recently started bothering, chances are it is in urgent need of professional roof restoration and other minor roof repair works.
Roof restoration is highly affordable and recommended by experts with years of experience in providing roof restoration services.
Old And Outdated Flashing
Roof flashing can be understood as a thin material that is used to divert the direction of water away from the critical areas of the roof in places where the roof plane and a vertical surface meet, like a wall or a dormer.
Flashing is installed in order to surround features of the roof such as chimneys, vents, and skylights.

Modern day flashing

Modern homes have roof flashing made of stainless steel while back in the day, the roof flashing was made of either tar or cement.
As the roof ages, the cement or tar roof flashing would fail to perform their functions causing overstrain to the roof and eventually can cause severe damage to the property.
Roof flashing can be repaired with complete roof restoration and roof repointing at a highly affordable price with the promise of longer roof life.
The Roof Sags
A sagging roof is distorted, has no tightness, and is dangerous in a pursuit that it may fail at any time. Roof sagging is indicative of the need for roof restoration like valley replacement in Melbourne.
Roof sagging happens due to excessive water concentration in roof layers leading to the rotting of building material. It also happens when roof bedding has become porous or has experienced a decrease in bedding properties, failing to provide complete support to the roof.
With professional roof restoration and roof re-bedding services, the sagginess can be completely removed in a budget. The roof restoration process also increases the life of the roof significantly.
Oh, Corrosion!
Corrosion happens when a metal is constantly exposed to corroding elements like water. In the case of roofs, corrosion is indicative of water accumulation around gutters and nearby areas on the roof that is constantly in contact with water.

What we do?

In such cases, a quick fix to leaking pipe joints works effectively in preventing damage to the roof. Complete roof restoration or roof repointing can be explored if the damage due to roof corrosion is unavoidable and is posing threat to the health and wellbeing of members in the living space.
Count On Your Tiled Roofs
Tiles add aesthetic appeal to roofs. With time and constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, they tend to crack creating space for moisture, bacteria, fungi, and mosses to creep in.

Our work

A cracked or broken tile is indicative of the need for roof tile restoration. Usually, tiled roofs rarely need to be completely replaced or restored.
A simple roof restoration procedure for tile roof restoration is easy on the pocket, effective and solves all your roof worries.


Roofs are one of the strongest elements of your living space but that doesn’t mean they do not need care and restoration when in bad health.
While complete roof renovation looks appetising and promising, the truth is, the process of complete roof renovation is expensive and at times absolutely avoidable with adequate and professional roof restoration services Melbourne.


At Smart Choice Roof Restoration Melbourne, we truly understand this and offer affordable, quality, and timely roof restoration services that are exclusive to your roof restoration needs.

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