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The Right Questions to Ask That Leads You to the Right Roofing Contractor in Melbourne

Keep up with your property’s maintenance work with the help of the right contractors. Do not skimp on these things by doing DIY projects. We do not want to offend your handiwork skills but we don’t want you to face bigger problems in the future. Hire a professional maintenance man to do all the repairs and renovations needed in and outside your house. As for your roof, let it be handled by professional roofers in Melbourne.

Being a roof contractor in Australia requires a tedious process. They need to fulfill important documents and a license to do trade work. All of them might have been through the same qualifying process but their workmanship may vary. Let this blog from Smart Choice Roof Restorations help you ask the right questions to roofing companies before signing a contract. We are credible to give you this list because of our years of expertise in doing roof restoration in Melbourne. Let us help you come to a smart choice in finding the most qualified roofing contractor in Melbourne.

What is the full name of your company and where is your physical address?

It is a plus point to find local roof restoration services in Melbourne. It can give you assurance that they are easily accessible. You just have to ask their full company name, address and contact information. No matter what kinds of issues you experience with their work, you are assured that there is a physical location you can go to.

Are you licensed and insured?

Check if they have the proper documents to operate and offer roof repairs in Melbourne. They need to present you a contractor license. It is also a must that the roofing company has insurance. It is an assurance that in case of emergencies or injuries, the company’s insurance can take care of it all. If the company is bonded the better. It is a good fallback solution if the company ditches you in the middle of the project or if they have delivered substandard work.

How long have you been in the roofing business in Melbourne?

The years of experience of a roofing company does not mean they do better work with their startup competitions. It is just an advantage to know that their business is more stable and definitely be there for a longer time. Being in the business for too long gives them a thicker portfolio, knows the traditional and modern trends in roofing, and the referrals from their previous clients. 

Do you have a warranty for your roof work?

Be sure to ask the ‘warranty’ question. This can be your fallback when things go wrong with the roofer’s work. Ask in detail the inclusions of the warranty, conditions and the period it covers. This is a way to protect your money and time from mediocre roofing companies.

Are you working with roofing subcontractors?

Some roofing contractors hire subcontractors especially if they have too many projects to finish. It is best to know that these subcontractors have the proper license to operate and insurance as well. If not, then you should interview the next company on your list.

Can I see your company portfolio and references?

The best way to know how good a company is by looking at the real results of their workmanship. Ask for their company portfolio or references of their projects for the past 6 months. It is also a plus if the name of the company is referred to by most of your relatives and friends. 

How can you protect my property while working on my roof?

We all know how messy roof works can be. Before diving into it, ask the company for the procedure they follow before, during and after their roof works. Do they think about your lawn’s protection? Do they have the proper safety tools and gears for their roofers? How do they clean up after the project? Their answers can help you decide if they are really a reliable and professional roofing contractor.

Why Sign a Contract with Smart Choice Roof Restorations

If you want to have a smooth and stress-free transaction then choose Smart Choice Roof Restorations. We are the experienced roofers you can trust to relay these roofing services in Melbourne:

  • We are one of the leading names in Melbourne’s roof cleaning & restoration.
  • You can trust us with quality done valley replacement in Melbounre.
  • We are equipped with the best technique in high pressure roof cleaning in Melbourne.
  • You get a well-done roof rebedding and repointing job.
  • You can hire us for repairs and roof restorations at Thomastown, Reservoir, Tullamarine, Balwyn North, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Coburg, Broadmeadows and Mill park.

Call now and we can give you honest answers for your questions. We can prove that Smart Choice Roof Restorations provides the best roof restoration in Melbourne!

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