The Right Time to Repoint | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

The Right Time to Repoint | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

Roof repointing is like the finishing aspect of a roof. These are final tiles put up on one’s roof. Although roofs are made for heavy weather conditions and designed to last, oftentimes the climate in Melbourne gradually takes a toll. The pointing tiles are withered and lessen the structural strength of the roof.

To avoid it from leading to serious damages and further deterioration, a regular roof inspection and checking are advisable. But, when is the right time for a roof repointing? Here are some signs on your roof you might want to look out for:

If you see… Leaks

As the cement mortar breaks down or deteriorates over time, water seeps through cracks and reaches the inside of the roof. Unmanaged leaks can damage the plaster on your house’s walls. In worst cases, leaks can lead to water pools on your roof and eventually collapse.

If you see… Excess Moisture

The flexible compound or cement mortar breaks down over time, leading to excess moisture going inside the house. Moisture can cause rotting, warping, or bending of structure. It can also cause mold to grow onto the surface of the house and attract pests.

If you see… Loose or Missing Tiles

The point of roof pointing is to hold tiles in their places. As time goes by, the pointing is worn out and roof tiles loosen and sometimes get missing. When tiles slide off the roof, they can end up in your gutters and lead to more problems.


Regular roof inspections and check-ups avoid you to spend more on property repairs due to unattended moisture and leaks.

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