Tips for Preventing Roof Algae and Moss | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

Tips for Preventing Roof Algae and Moss | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

One common and recurring problem that most homeowners experience with their roofs is the growth of algae and moss. If not treated immediately, both can negatively affect the functionality of your roof, cause moisture-related damage, and lead to leaks.

If your roof does not have any algae or moss yet, the following are some tips on how you can prevent them from growing.

1. Trim Nearby Trees

Most homeowners like having large trees surrounding their home because they can provide shade for their homes and keep temperatures cool. However, a dark and moist environment is an ideal place for moss to thrive and grow. So, regularly trim back the branches of the trees near your roof. There’s no need to cut down the trees that provide your home with shade. Just make sure that there aren’t any branches that grow over your roof.

2. Regularly Do Gutter Cleaning

Clean your gutters a few times a year to make sure that there is no dirt and debris build-up. When gutters contain dirt and debris, the material can decompose and can be a breeding ground for moss and other vegetation and spread to your roof. Also, if your gutters are full, water cannot properly flow through your gutter system and can be damaging to your home. You may want to get professional gutter cleaning service for the task if you do not have the time or ability.

3. Regularly Do Roof Cleaning as Well

Large branches and dead animals like birds can also end up on your roof which can decompose and create a moist environment. This is why together with regular gutter cleaning, you should also check and clean your roof as well. Most professional roofing companies offer both roof and gutter cleaning services.

4. Install Metal Strips

Installing copper, zinc, or lead metal strips on the top of your roof can both prevent and kill any moss and algae. When it rains, the water combines with the metal and creates molecules that will leak out onto your roof and kill any unwanted vegetation they come into contact with.

5. Install Algae-Resistant Shingles

If you have the extra budget, you can install algae-resistant shingles on your roof. Copper and zinc particles are embedded in these shingles that help keep moss and algae from growing on your roof.

Tips for Preventing Roof Algae and Moss second | Smart Choice Roof Restorations

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