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Tips in Choosing the Right Roof Colour

Changing your roof completely or even just roof painting can be a very costly renovation. But no matter how sturdy your roof material is, you will have to replace it at some point in time. Choosing the right roof colour is an important decision. Homeowners don’t want the hassle or costs of redoing roof painting just because they don’t like the colour. Below are some tips that can help you choose the right roof colour for your home:

1. Know your local council or neighbourhood regulations

Before you start planning, visit your local council. Some neighbourhoods have strict rules about what types of roofs and colours you are or aren’t allowed to have. These rules usually exist to preserve heritage or unity of appearance to complement the rest of the neighbourhood.

2. Make it complement the surrounding landscape

Aside from fitting in with your local neighbourhood, you’ll also need to choose a roof colour that suits your surroundings. For homes near bodies of water like the ocean, blues, whites, and sandy colours are good choices. In rural areas, you can go for earthy tones such as green, red, yellow and brown. If your home is in the city, choose modern colours like white, silver and black.

3. Consider the architectural style of your home

Your roof colour choice should also match the architectural style of your home. Grand 19th-century homes look more majestic when paired with black and dark brown roof colours. 

Natural clay tones, like rusty reds, browns, and oranges look great on Spanish or Mediterranean-inspired homes with stucco siding.

4. Consider the style of your roof

If your roof style makes it a dominant feature of your house such as a steep gable roof, avoid using very bold roof colours. Striking colours tend to remove the attention from other beautiful features of your home. Try to go with a colour that is not too dark and not too light either.

5. Choose a colour based on the usual climate of your area

Aesthetics can be important but practicality should also be held of the same importance. 

Dark-coloured roofs attract and trap heat. Light-coloured roofs keep homes cool. Make a colour choice that will help you save costs on either air conditioning or heat, depending on the climate where you live. 

6. Make sure it complements the exterior colours of your home

Ideally, the colour palette of your home interior should also be used on the exterior for a feeling of continuity. Aside from the interior, your roof colour should also complement the other colours in your home’s exterior. Consider the colour of the guttering of your roof, garage door, windows, doors, fence, walls, etc. Have your roof colour be in the same colour of at least two other elements of your home’s exterior, such as the windows, garage door or fence or trim for visual connection.

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