The ultimate guide to choosing the right paint for your roof

Every homeowner understands the importance of the roof of the house. Everyone knows how
necessary it is to keep your roof well maintained and protected so that it keeps you safe.
Roof paints or roof coatings provide the best protection to your roof and also help to add many
more years to its life and at the same time help to increase its value and appeal. Whether you are
looking at increasing your property’s value or your roofs durability and resistance to water or simply
change the way your roof looks, we at Smart Choice Roof Restorations are providing you with an
ultimate guide which would tell you everything about roof paints.
Best roofing paint – Before choosing the best paint for your roof, you need to be sure of the type of
roof you want to paint. There are specific roof paints for specific roof types for eg. Metal roofs,
Terracotta or Concrete tiles would all require particular types of coating. Before you actually paint
the roof, you will also need to clean and seal it with a primer which will provide a suitable surface for
effective topcoat adhesion.
Now let’s move on to the next question. Why are you wanting to get your roof painted? Are you
painting it to protect it from corrosion or premature colour fading or do you wish to eliminate algae
and mold growth or do you want your home to stay cool inside during the summer months? Once
you have clear answers to all these questions, you will be able to determine which is the best paint
to fulfill all your requirements.
Let us now explain to you the reason behind why roof painting is a good idea. Roof painting offers
various benefits and is the most cost effective way to enhance your roofs appearance along with
extending it’s life span. Once you get your roof painted, you can be assured of the following benefits
such as roof paint adds years of durability, increases property value, enhances thermal efficiency and
eliminates mold and lichen growth.
A roof paint is known to last for atleast 15 years or more but only if it is done on an adequate surface
preparation because if you neglect this basic criteria, the paint on your roof will never last as long,
no matter how good the paint is. Australia’s highly variable weather conditions also play a major role
in determining how long the paint on your roof would last. Do remember that correct product
choice, surface preparation and coating application, all have a significant impact on how long the
roof paint would remain fine.
Choosing the right material to paint your roof can be quite intimidating and with such a wide variety
of products available in the market, choosing the best option can be quite a challenge, so in order to
help you make an informed decision and to select the right paint for your roof, we have tried to
prepare a guideline for you. If you have a roof in need of painting or repair, don’t hesitate to contact
Smart Choice Roof Restorations for a quote today.

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