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Understanding Different Roof Cleaning Methods

One of the easiest ways to maintain your roof is by keeping it clean. Accumulation of different debris like dried leaves, twigs and trash can clog up gutters. This scenario can cause you to call for leaking roof repairs in Melbourne. Another issue that can be resolved by roof cleaning is the removal of lichen, algae, moss and mould growth. When left untreated, this problem can lead to immediate restoration of roofing. We are aware that roof restoration costs can be high depending on your choice of roofing contractor in Melbourne.

Let this blog from Smart Choice Roof Restorations, Melbourne’s quality roofing contractor, enlighten you about the different types of roof cleaning methods you can choose from. We are advising to choose the right way of roof cleaning for different roofing. Aside from sharing our knowledge about this topic, we can also offer the best high-pressure cleaning services for your roof and our expertise in roof restoration in Central Coast.

Pointers Before Cleaning Your Roof

  • Hire a professional roof cleaner to do the job.
  • Research the best cleaning method suitable for your roof.
  • Ask the expert roof cleaner about the cleaning tools and materials that they will use.
  • Schedule the roof cleaning job on days that you are available and during fall or spring season.
  • Ask the roof cleaners if you need to cover the surrounding area of your roof in case of chemical use.
  • Request for a full detail report about your roof condition after the roof cleaning job in order to perform possible roof repair in Melbourne.

Roof Cleaning Methods

1. High Pressure Cleaning – This is the roof cleaning method that uses a pressure washer jet. Most of the time, roof cleaners use it without mixing detergent or other cleaning agents. The high blast of water is the only way to remove dirt, grime, algae and moss growth on your roof. The correct pressure should be applied to avoid roof damage. Not all roofing materials can be cleaned this way. The candidates for high-pressure roof cleaning are concrete and terracotta roof tiles. These materials can handle the pressure coming from the washer and won’t break down easily when done properly. Do not use this cleaning method on porous, brittle and thin roofing materials.
2. Using Chemicals as Cleaning Agents – As the name suggests, it is the roof cleaning method that relies on chemicals to remove moulds and algae. Instead of using a pressure washer, it uses a sprayer, mild sponge or medium-bristle brush. If you choose this method, be prepared to cover surrounding greeneries because chemicals can harm your plants. The chemicals often used in this method are sodium hydroxide or chlorine solution. It can be used for any type of roof.
3. Low Pressure Wash – This method is the combination of the first two roof cleaning methods. It uses a pressure washer but in a lower PSI mixed with mild cleaning agents. Though it protects roofs made out of brittle materials, this does not guarantee the removal of dirt and grime on roof’s nooks and crannies.
4. Brushing – For roofs like roof tiles, slate tiles, and powder-coated metal roofs, brushing is the most suitable cleaning method. Mild-bristled brushes are used together with mild detergent to remove dirt. Brushing strokes should be gentle. Metal roofing in Melbourne homes should do this method with gentleness to avoid scratching the coating of their roof.

Smart Choice Roof Restorations: Professional Roof Cleaners in Melbourne

You can rely on Smart Choice Roof Restorations in cleaning different roofing in Melbourne. Our expert team of roof cleaners do high pressure cleaning like no other! Aside from cleaning your roof, we also offer dulux roof restoration, and different roofing services. To achieve a modern roof, entrust your roof tile restoration in Melbourne with us. Contact Smart Choice Roof Restorations now!

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