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Which Is Better for Roofing Restoration: High Pressure Cleaning or Ordinary Cleaning?

Owning a house is a feat on its own. However, maintaining it is another thing. And if you are looking at eventually putting your property on the market, you may want to consider cleaning your roof as part of your roof restoration efforts.

In this blog post by Smart Roof Restorations, a leading roofing contractor in Melbourne, we discuss the differences between high pressure cleaning and ordinary cleaning and which is a better option for your roof.

What Is High Pressure Cleaning?

High pressure cleaning uses high pressured water to clean surfaces. It uses about 5,000 to 10,000 psi to clean mold, grime and other types of stubborn dirt.

This is different from regular cleaning that uses solutions and soaps to clean surfaces. Since roofs use different types of materials, each one has its own cleaning solution. Unfortunately, it is not efficient and can even be costly if done DIY.

High Pressure Cleaning Is Often the Better Choice for Property Owners for the Following Reasons:

Saves Money

High pressure cleaning clears more of the dirty stuff from your roofs. This saves the homeowners money because it maintains the roof. This also delays roof replacements.  And the good part? Professional cleaning is normally covered by your roof’s warranty!

High pressure cleaning is an expertise of Smart Choice Roof Restorations. If you intend to avail of this service, we guarantee you it will be handled by our dedicated team that has years of experience in this job.

Avoids Roof Damage

Regular high pressure cleaning can help cut potential damage brought by mildew, fungus or mold that is typical in an unclean roof. If left unmanaged, this can add to a huge roof restoration cost later on. It can also lead to wood rot and even the deterioration of roof shingles, something a roof buyer would not want.

For Home Insurance

Insurance companies check if a property is well maintained. This ensures the house can last long. One of the first things that can be viewed in your home is your roof. High pressure cleaning can help identify possible areas that need repair.

Increases Property Value

A house’s value increases (or can even decrease) due to curb appeal. This is the aspect of a property that refers to how attractive a property is when viewed from the street. Today, this is still part of the benchmark of initial appeal of a property for prospective buyers.

A big chunk of curb appeal comes from the property’s roof. This is not at all surprising because a roof is one of the most visible exterior parts of the house. If a roof is not regularly maintained, it can worry possible home buyers about how well maintained a property is. 

It may lead to a sale, but is a very slim chance. The buyers may even negotiate for the house value because of the roof restoration they will do.

Reduces Energy Costs

Believe it or not, if a roof is not regularly cleaned, it will cause higher energy bills.

The dirt, algae, lichen, fungus and mold will make the roof absorb more heat. The accumulation will prevent the reflective properties of modern roofs from doing its job, thus the need for more ventilation and air conditioning.

This additional expense can be avoided by simply making sure your roof is well maintained.

For Your Roof Restorations Needs, Make the Smart Choice by Choosing Smart Choice Roof Restorations

Aside from high pressure cleaning, we also do tiled roof restoration. Our other services include roof valley replacement, leaking roof repairs among others. Our professional roofers are experts in assessing the needs of the clientele. And the best part? We offer fair pricing.

If you are in Melbourne and in need of quality roofing services, contact us now here at Smart Choice Roof Restorations. We’ll be more than glad to help you with your roofing needs.

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