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Why does your home need Roof Rebedding?

Smart Choice Roof Restorations highlights the importance of quality roof rebedding in Melbourne!

The roof of our homes means so much more to us than just a shelter overhead. The roof completes a home. It gives others a reason to look at your home and go “Wow, what a house!”, while also offering protection to the home from a wide variety of environmental factors. These are pretty strong reasons to keep the rooftops restored and in good condition always.

Rebedding roof tiles is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure that your roof looks and stays as good as new.
It is a common practice to lay tiles on the rooftops of houses. These tiles are kept together in a strong bond using a layer of bedding. Roof bedding is usually mortar, a fine mixture of concrete and sand. Apart from keeping the tiles firmly fixed with each other, the bedding also plays another and a very crucial role in preventing moisture and water from entering the home.

Over time, with natural forces at play, gusty winds, heavy rains and scorching summers, the bedding weakens and tends to develop cracks. Thus, loosening the bond between tiles and paving the way for nasty leaks.

Before such a crisis occurs, the roof rebedding experts at Smart Choice Roof Restoration are the ones to be contacted. With the proper know-how and years of expertise, their technicians will carry out a perfect roof rebedding job.

Roof Rebedding process

Rebedding roof tiles is no rocket science! But, it does require a certain amount of technique and care. The process includes removal of the old mortar with the appropriate tools, followed by a round of high-pressure water jet cleaning to make the roof ready for a brand new layer of mortar mixed with an anti-leak chemical compound. The tiles are then arranged accordingly and this is known as repointing.

It is a well-known fact that a completely new roof can cost the homeowner a bomb! Which is why roof restorations are an easy and cost-effective alternative to fixing one’s roof and making it look as good as new.

Signs that your roof requires rebedding

1.        Roof leaks –

Is your roof acting like a leaking tap when it rains?

This is a sure sign that your roof’s bedding has weakened and is no longer compact enough to keep the water from
seeping through. This means that your roof requires rebedding repairs.

2.        Excess moisture –

Have you started noticing moist patches on the ceiling? Moist patches on your ceiling are a
result of a weakened roof that allows tiny bits of water to seep into the house and stay collected at the ceiling.

3.        Loose or missing tiles –

Have some of your roof tiles fallen out of place or have gone missing? Since roof tiles are stuck firmly to the roof with the help of an adhesive solution mixed with the mortar, the occurrence of this would only mean that the bedding is worn out and the adhesive is no longer effective.

4.         Granules in the gutter –

Are you seeing small concrete chips in your rain gutter?
This implies that the roof bedding has weakened and is easily eroded by the wind or by inquisitive birds. A complete roof rebedding is suggested at the earliest.

Weather in Melbourne

Melbourne is notorious for its unpredictable and variable climate. With scorching summers, chilly winters and a steady amount of rain all rooftops take a massive beating round the year.
With the ocean nearby, there are strong gusts of wind that can upright blow away loosened tiles from your roof.

It is also popularly said that only in Melbourne, one can experience the four seasons in a single day. Natural conditions are right on top for the degradation of rooftop bedding.

FAQs on Rooftop Rebedding

Q – How often do I need to do rebedding on my rooftop?

A – Considering the natural
conditions of a place, it is usually recommended to carry out rooftop rebedding
every ten years. This is because the tiles deteriorate due to wear and tear and
the flexible compounds may start to degrade allowing moisture and water to seep
into your home.

Q – I do not know the techniques of
rebedding, how can I get it done?

A – With highly trained
professionals, Smart Choice Roof Restoration carries out the perfect roof

Q – Do I need to change the entire
bedding when there is a leak?

A – Based on the nature of the leak,
roofing experts will recommend the most appropriate action to be taken. Quite
often, only a rebedding restoration is required to get your roof back to its
prime condition.

Q – Isn’t rebedding roof ridge tiles
a very costly affair?

A – At Smart Choice Roof Restoration,
the cost of rebedding roof ridge tiles is very affordable.

The entire process of rooftop
rebedding can be complicated and time-consuming. So leave this job to the pros
from Smart Choice Roof Restorations!
They remove the old mortar, pressure clean the surface and replace with new
mortar. The new tiles will then be arranged on the bedding. All this, while you
sit and enjoy under your new roof!

Roof rebedding issues spoiling your day?

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